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Just like the game of soccer, cricket is played by two teams of 11 players. The team that scores the most runs in its innings wins the match.

Though cricket is a team game, the outcome of the game will depend significantly on the experience of the captain, how he chose to approach the game and specifically, the effectiveness of his on-field decision making.

This is because unlike team captains in other sports, the cricket captain has more responsibilities. He plays active roles during team selection and also decides on the team’s batting order.

He makes other important decisions like setting the field positions, calling the toss and also selecting the perfect bowler and all these play an important role in winning the match.

To become a successful captain, one must possess certain attributes. Luckily, I have compiled 5 steps that will help you to become one.

So let get started.

Learn the rules of the game

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To able to lead effectively, a cricket captain has to learn all the rules of the game and its intricacies. This is necessary because the game has lots of rules and it is not possible to win games without following those rules.

So learning these rules will enable him to make the right decisions that will help the team to win.

Inspire Confidence


Confidence is required to win the game of cricket. It is the state of being certain about your abilities, qualities and judgments.

To be successful, a captain should be able to inspire this, both in the players and in the team no matter how hopeless the situation is,

Again, he should also build their confidence in him.

Develop your communication skills

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A game of cricket requires too many on-field decisions and the responsibility falls squarely on the team captain.

So the captain should be able to communicate his decisions effectively to the team without rising any dissenting voices and maintain better communication between the team and the coach. This is crucial in building team cohesion and relationship.

Now, to be a successful captain, it is important you develop your communication skills.

Be active on the field

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In cricket, the captain is basically the most important player on the field. How active he is on the field will definitely impact the outcome of the game.

So successful captains don’t shy away from responsibilities; they tackle challenges head-on as they arise, maintain discipline on the field and they keep the team united and inspired.

These are important in winning games.

Learn to be strategic

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For a cricket captain, learning the rules of the game isn’t just enough. He should also learn how to use those rules, the condition of the pitch and the weather strategically to win games.

He should also understand both the strengths and weaknesses of his players as individuals and the team as a unit and then learn how to use these according to the dictates of the game.

Wrapping it up

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There is no hard rule on how to become a successful cricket captain.

However, following this couple of steps will give you the right push to become one.


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