One of the most anticipated and most prominent tournaments in the sports world today is World Cup Cricket. It is an event that occurs every four years, and every cricket fan will never miss it for anything. The upcoming ICC (International Cricket Council), World Cup in 2019, is already buzzing in the airwaves, social media, news, and sports channels. It promises to be an event that no cricket fan will forget in a lifetime.

The game known as Cricket has grown in popularity over the years and nearly every country has a cricket team today. The game is the most viewed sport in African, Caribbean, and Asian nations.
The Cricket World Cup is a world-level premier championship and is played between countries competing for the title of World Champions.


The ICC has continued to expand its wing by bringing in more countries to not only play Cricket but also to join the World Cup club. Cricket has developed rapidly in the United States, Africa, and some Asian countries. More than sixteen nations are vying for the title of World Champions.

This is why every country that participates in the Cricket World Cup plays with total dedication with the aim of breaking old records and setting new ones. Cricketers represent their nations on foreign ground; therefore, they need to demonstrate their capabilities and bring a lot of fame to their respective countries.

The first World Cup organized by the International Cricket Council (ICC) took place in 1975. Australia and the West Indies were the cricket teams that played in the final, and the West Indies defeated Australia. Back then, only Test matches were the norm and could last up to five days.

But over the years, a one-day cricket match was coined from a Test match. A one-day cricket match has a shorter duration compared to its counterpart, Test match. Nevertheless, it is still a fascinating sport to watch.

Australia has gone on to win the coveted Cricket World Cup three times while the West Indies have won twice. Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and India have each won the World Cup once.

Fans who want to enjoy every moment of the matches in the World Cup Cricket always book their reservations for air tickets and hotels ahead of time so that they can have the best at discounted prices. A majority of these air tickets as well as hotels are available at reasonable prices, and you can choose any hotel you desire via the internet. Hiring an agent to secure accommodations is not necessary and will be a complete waste of your time and money.

Cricket fever for the twelfth edition of the ICC World Cup – which will be hosted by England and Wales in 2019 – is already at a high pitch. People always tune in to local radio channels where cricket is discussed to listen to critics and air their views as well. The Cricket World Cup is also scheduled to have its commentary run on these local channels.

Even TV stations are not left out of the excitement as experts are invited to share their opinions about Cricket.
There is no doubt that the Cricket World Cup is a fantastic event that will live in the memories of cricketers and their fans for a long time to come.

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